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                Nantong Red Star Compressor Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer which was founded in 1995. It covers 36660 square meters and is nearby coastal highway in Jianghai Plain with easy transportation. As a high-tech enterprise of manufacturing and R&D, Red Star possesses the largest number of patents for air compressor parts. ....[more]

        Add:Industrial Centralization Zone(West)Liuqiao Town,Tongzhou District,Nantong city
        Marketing Dept.: 0513-86819618 86819628
        Technical Dept.: 0513-86819648 Fax: 0513-86819608
        Email: eredstar@126.com

        Nantong Red Star Compressor Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.- intake valve,minimum pressure valve,inlet valve © 2014

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